Athabasca HD NDX

Product Description

Product Description

HD NDX refers to adjustable ND, consisting of 2 pieces of opposed polarizer. Compared with polarizers, adjustable ND has four glass surface and four glass inwall, which makes eight sides altogether, making glass surface imparallel because of the glue and affecting the definition. Athabasca HD NDX apply HD processing to every group of lens to make sure the products are parallel enough for long lens.


Main Functions:

  1. Enable large aperture and shallow depth of field in bright light and blur the background.
  2. Long-time explosure and adds dynamic.
  3. Soften flowing water effect in scenic photos.

NDX has infinite adjustment from ND2-ND400, with infinite light adjustment from 50%-0.25%.



Due to the physical structure of NDX, opposed polarizers will cause the uneven light in the picture. Cross light would appear when density reaches 420 when NDX is applied to ordinary lens. So ND1000 is achieved theoretically but actually it can narrowly reach 400. Even the adjustment is limited to 400 on NDX, cross light is not completely avoided on all lens, since cross light appearance varies on different lens in different focal lengths.


Materials: Environmentally oxidized aviation aluminum

Raw materials: Japan imported optical glass

Thickness: 6.1mm

Applicable diameter: 67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm