Product Description

Product Description

GC-GRAY, also known as GND, is half-transmittance and half-light-blocking. The limit of latitude of digital cameras cannot meet photographing needs in greatly contrast light, causing severe light difference on different parts of the pictures. For example, when we take photos of the sunrise with the sun coming out from the sea surface, sunlight is strong while the light of the sea is dim and the camera cannot balance the light difference between these two parts. In this situation, GC-GRAY/GC-GRAY(SOFT) can reduce the brightness of the sun and avoid a picture with the sunlight too bright while the sea too dark.


Differences of GC-GRAY:

According to the form of changing of the grayness, GC-GRAY series has GC-GRAY, whose changing is harsh with an obvious boundary, and GC-GRAY(SOFT), whose changing is gentle without an obvious boundary.


Athabasca GC-GRAY (SOFT)

Materials: Environmentally oxidized aviation aluminum

Raw materials: Optical glass

Thickness: 5.41mm

Applicable diameter:67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm