Razor UV370 (Razor UV)

Product Description

Razor UV370(Razor UV)

In the era of digital photography, CCD or CMOS in digital cameras is not as sensitive to UV rays as traditional films. UV filters are mainly used to protect the lens. However, in certain areas with high UV rays(plateau, glacier, etc), picture quality will be affected by UV rays.

Razor UV370 has an extremely high transmittance–Tavg(420~680nm) ≥99%,Tmax(420~680) ≥99.8%, and excellent UV blocking—Tavg(300-350nm) ≤1%, T(370nm) ≤50%. Being only 1.67mm thick and with the outstanding anti-reflection and water-and-stain-proof coating, Razor UV370 is a near-perfect digital filter.

Athabasca Razor UV370

Materials: Environmentally oxidized aviation aluminum

Raw materials: Germany imported optical glass

Coating: Double-side anti-reflection coating, water-and-stain-proof, anti-scratching


Applicable diameter:67mm 72mm 77mm 82mm